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Ali Taylor. Cannabis Educator. Cannabis Activist. Cannabis Prescription Holder

Did you know that the law changed in 2018, allowing private prescription access to cannabis flower and oil to qualifying conditions, but there have been less than 10 National Health Service prescriptions since that timeé

The law needs to change again, and misinformation and stigma around cannabis use needs addressing.

Thousands are being exploited and driven into poverty by the high costs of keeping themselves and their children as well as possible, while millions more are being denied, through lack of awareness and expense, something that could potentially improve their health and wellbeing. It's not cannabis that threatens health. It's prohibition!

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   Although I try to reply to all emails, it can take me a while and I can't always guarantee it unfortunately, because of my chronic fatigue.

Medicinally legal since 2018, medicinally useful for millennia
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