Virtual Exhibition Desk - Case Study

  Why did you decide to go digital when collecting visitor contact information at Expos and Business Events?

I was impressed by the ease and simplicity of use seen at the demo.  Getting the data digitally saves so much time and it should be more accurate.

  Why did you choose Zappify?

The guys at Zappify really seemed to know their stuff and the price was excellent for the functionality offered.

  What feedback did you get from potential customers when they were using the Virtual Exhibition Desk?

Customers seem impressed by the technology and many have asked for more information.  We are happy to pass them to the Zappify team.

  Were there any other benefits or positive outcomes from using VED?

We like the ability to randomly select competition draw winners.  We have also had a bonus discovering one or two written enquiries in the Notes field after a show.

  Has working with Zappify been successful and would you recommend to others?

The software has definitely a good investment for us and we have recently renewed for another year.  We have recommended the software to others and will continue to do so.

  Are there any product enhancements or anything that Zappify could improve for you?

The only slight issue we have encountered is that some phones do not seem to work without a strong data signal or Wi-Fi connection.

Zappify says: "we have now included 'Add Attendee' functionality to the administration portal to cover this scenario (and, of course, if they want to hand over a traditional business card!), so their details can be added manually."