Frequently Asked Questions


  How do I sign up for a Virtual Business Card?

Visit and you can either sign up for an individual VBC or, if you're a business, the standard corporate VBC solution to cover multiple employees.

For larger or more complex enterprises, we have a range of customised solutions to suit every type of business. Please get in touch to find out more.

If you simply want a QR code to share your contact details, then sign-up for the free Zappify QR Code.

Registration is a quick, simple process and will generate a personalised email with full instructions on how to get started.

  I've registered for a Virtual Business Card but haven't received a registration email.  What should I do?

Sometimes our registration emails find their way into the junk folder, so check there first.  If you still can't find it, let us know at

  How do I save 'My Zappify' to my home screen?

Some brief instructions are included below and for a more detailed guide with screen-shots, please see here.

iPhone - after you activate My Zappify, hit the 'Share' button at the bottom of the screen, scroll down and select 'Add to Home Screen'. If you do not see the 'Add to Home Screen' menu option, please try copying and pasting the My Zappify URL into Safari or your chosen browser. You should then have access to the option. My Zappify will save as a tile to your home screen like your apps.

Android Chrome - click the three vertical dots icon (top right) and select the option to 'Add to Home Screen'.

Android Firefox - click the HOME icon to the right of the address bar at the top of the screen (the box with the website link in it).


  How much is the Virtual Business Card?

An individual VBC costs £10 + VAT per year.

The Corporate VBC system (unlimited employees / one office) costs £99 + VAT per year.

For enterprise solutions or bespoke options, get in touch for custom pricing starting from £499 + VAT per year.

  What payment methods do you accept?

Payments are made securely through Stripe, accepting all major cards types.

How does it work?

  How do I share my card?

Once you've created your card, you can share it with others via your unique QR code or URL - it's as simple as that!

Your personalised URL can be used in any digital application, for example in an email signature or sent via phone messaging.

Our offline mode automatically detects when there is no signal, so you can exchange contact details anytime and anywhere.

  How does the person who I share my card with, save my contact details?

When they have your card displayed, they just need to hit the 'Add to Phone' button and it will let them add your details to their phone contacts - easy!

  Does the person who I share my card with need Zappify?

No. You can share your Virtual Business Card with anyone - they just need to scan the QR code or click the URL to access the card and save your details to their phone.

Personalising my Virtual Business Card

  How do I edit my card (individual VBC)?

After you've saved your My Zappify tile to your home screen, go to 'Edit my VBC' in the menu and add all the details you want to show on your card. There are 2 standard Virtual Business Card templates to choose from, one with and one without a personal headshot. You can personalise elements such as:

  • A photo or video intro (template 1)
  • Company logo
  • A brief overview of your company
  • Branding colour
  • Web & social links

  How do I edit my cards (Corporate VBC)?

Your company sets your business card design and adds your basic contact information.

Corporate administrators will have access to the secure Zappify portal to edit their business information and add employees.

The admin portal is a very simple to use self-serve platform, although on-line training can be arranged where it is needed, or we can provide a fully managed service if required.

Individual employees will be able to update any of their personal information, including a photo or video intro.

  How do I change the accent colour of my individual VBC?

Open My Zappify and go to 'Edit my VBC' in the menu, and click 'Set Accent Colour'. You can choose any colour from the colour wheel, or enter a specific hex code to perfectly match your branding colour.


  What is a re-Zapp?

A re-Zapp is when the person whom you share your card with replies with their own details.

  How does re-Zapping work?

When the contact whom you share your card with has your card displayed, if they hit the 'Reply to' button, they can re-Zapp their details back to you.

You can then save their contact information to your phone contacts with the click of a button in the My Zappify tile.

Your contact can also 'Schedule a call-back', and once you accept the meeting will save in your calendar.


  Does my annual subscription automatically renew?

We do not automatically renew your subscription, but would love you to do so if you have enjoyed all the benefits of your Virtual Business Card. A reminder will be displayed in My Zappify as your renewal date is approaching and you will also be e-mailed with the option to renew.

For CVBC administrators, your account manager will be in touch to discuss the renewal options.

  How can I cancel my subscription?

Just e-mail us at and we'll do the rest. If you can, please tell us why you wish to cancel - we'll be sorry to see you go.


  How secure is my data?

Your data is held in the cloud on a secure server / database based in the UK. All activities on the site are transacted under HTTPS meaning your data is encrypted upon transmission. Your data and security are very important to us and we will always make sure it is protected with the highest rigour.

We are fully GDPR compliant and have further optional security features, including enhanced encryption and multi-factor authentications.


  How does a Virtual Business Card help the environment?

We pride ourselves on being the sustainable alternative to paper business cards. Each year, 6 million trees and billions of litres of water are wasted in paper business card production.

Use our Eco-Calculator to see the difference you can make to the environment by switching to virtual cards.

  What are the main reasons to choose a VBC?

Our Virtual Business Cards save you time & money, as well as helping to save our planet.

In addition, a virtual card can be exchanged via a URL, thus becoming a powerful digital marketing tool.

  I'm looking for a bespoke version for my company?

We have developed some fantastic custom versions of our corporate solution for clients.  Contact to enquire about this.

If your question hasn't been answered here, drop us a message at and we'll be happy to help!