Exchange contact details even when you or the recipient has no signal with automatically detected offline mode.

Exchange your details

Your contact can reply with their details in an instant, so you can save their information straight to your phone.


Personalise your card with your logo, photo or video, as well as your website and social media handles with a range of templates.

Save time and money

Unlimited instant updates, making huge annual savings on re-designing and re-ordering business cards.

Protect the planet

Nearly 6 million trees are cut down each year to produce the world's business cards. Go paperless.

Be memorable

Add a personalised video to your card, so your new contacts don't forget that all important pitch.

Accessible on your smartphone from anywhere, at any time, our digital cards are efficient, sustainable and money saving.

Instantly create your personalised Virtual Business Card now for just £10 plus VAT per year.

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