Using QR scanning technology, attendees can quickly and simply register their interest at your exhibition stand.


As each attendee registers, your admin system is instantly updated with their details, and additional personalised notes can be added for follow-up.

Admin system

Access to your own secure admin system gives you full view of everyone who has registered and can be downloaded (and potentially interfaced to CRM or other systems).


100% cloud-based, no installation is required and you can access your admin system from anywhere.

Great value

Can be used and customised for unlimited number of exhibitions / events for fixed annual subscription of only £49 + VAT per annum.

Save time and money

Reduce costs of data entry (for business cards) with a fully digital, contactless, and time-saving solution. You can even choose a random winner for a prize draw.


A contactless and paperless solution for exhibitors to collect attendee contact information digitally at events using mobile phone and QR technology.

Read our great case study with Stephen Ward at here.

Register your business for just £49 + VAT per year.

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