Using QR code technology, employees and visitors scan in and out of your premises with their mobile phone.


Every time a person scans in or out, your admin system is instantly updated with their status and key information

Admin system

Access to your own secure admin system gives you full view of everyone who has checked into the building.


100% cloud-based, no installation is required and you can access your admin system from anywhere.


With no need for a signing in book or physical visitor badges, the Virtual Reception Desk is COVID-compliant.

Save time and money

Reduce costs on reception staff with our efficient, contactless, time-saving solution.


A contactless and paperless solution for employee and visitor management at an office or premises, the Virtual Reception Desk enables you to welcome people quickly, efficiently and safely.  Originally devised for COVID track and trace, the Virtual Reception Desk meets HR, fire safety, ISO and COVID-19 requirements.

Register your business for just £99 + VAT per year.

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