Zappify is very passionate about the elimination of printed paper, and therefore wastage. Each year millions of both trees and litres of water are consumed in the production of printed cards.

Estimate your positive ecological impact by going paperless here: calculate your eco-impact.

The Virtual Business Card replaces printed business cards, which are thought to be almost 90% ending up as waste.

Our Virtual Exhibition Desk replaces the need to collect printed cards, and then key-in contact data.

Not only does the 21st Century digital, mobile and QR technology bring a paperless solution for all of our Zappify products, it is contactless, and extremely cost effective.

  • You can't forget your business card if you have your mobile.
  • No expense or wastage if details change.
  • Share your virtual card over video calls or via SMS / E-mail.
  • Great marketing tools with branding & customisation options.
Zappify aims to give you a much more efficient business solution at a reduced cost, and a small step in the right direction for the planet.

Ensure your clients, customers and contacts get the right first impression, and demonstrate that you are leading the way with green credentials.

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